Mayoeru Futari to Sekai no Subete Love Heaven 300% VN - English


This is a mini fandisc for Mayosube with routes for character poll winners Nana and Touka. In Nana’s route, Nana comes to live with him when all the other girls (and Subaru) go on vacation under the guise of recovering from their rejections. Touka’s route is a mix of seven stories, both serious and ecchi. There’s even one where she becomes a loli! The H scenes are 300% more ero! 300% more ero!

Original Title: 迷える2人とセカイのすべて LOVE HEAVEN 300% Language: Japanese Rating: 18+ Adult Only Download: GoogleDrive How to Install: 1. Extrack 2. Play run with Japanese Locale Emulator